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If you want your business copy to do more than copy buzzwords, I can help.

Buzzwords and jargon are ready-made shortcuts to established ideas. Yet more often than not these shortcuts end up just short-circuiting the point you want to get across because they just don't mean anything to your readers on a personal level.

Resort to inspiring your customers with cookie-cutter cliché and you won't see them for dust, because your clutch of cool buzzwords was just the excuse your reader needed to tune your message out. And rightly so – respect has to run both ways, after all.

My writing is different

As a copywriter, I go out of my way to make my writing interesting enough for your readers to want to go out of their way to read it.

I believe words should speak to people personally, and the path they lead them on should be one of interest, fascination and exploration, not just a shortcut to nowhere.

If you think your business could benefit from some thoughtful communication, then I'm certain I can help. Please take a look at the services I typically undertake for clients and see how I might be able to be of help to you.

“Dan gave us exactly what we were looking for at a sensible price.”

Roz Goldstein
founder Goldstein Legal.

Taking it forwards

I'd love to hear from you and discuss how I could be of help to your business. I'm always available to discuss potential work by email or phone - in confidentiality and without obligation. See my hiring me page for more details, or just give me a ring!



Getting your point across is not some mysterious alchemy, it's the result of a careful process of collaboration.

My first stop is always to learn all about your brand, your values and your message, and from there the creative journey begins. Sometimes ideas will just leap from the page, sometimes it takes a little longer, but the destination is always the same – snappy copy which speaks directly to your customers, whatever section of the market you're operating in.


Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors don't just damage your image, they may lead to costly reprints or even legal repercussions.

If you need your work proofed by someone trained in rooting out mistakes then I can help. I’ve a decade of experience in proofing and editing everything from examination papers to business magazines. You can get on with the writing and let me take care of the finer details.

Speech writing

Getting some help with your speech can really relieve the nerves of the big occasion. This can range from my full speech writing service through to an informal chat to help you structure your own ideas.

With a little help you'll soon find the words you need to make an impact on your audience, whether you are addressing a wedding breakfast, a social club or business colleagues.

Interested in hiring me?


Fire off an email or pick up the phone – we can talk informally about any project you have in mind. There's no obligation to proceed, no hard sell and everything is in the strictest confidence.

I like to work with my clients in a spirit of friendly co-operation that promotes creative thinking on both sides. An initial planning meeting can be face to face if you're nearby, or always by e-mail or phone call - whichever suits you best. I have my own office at home and I'm happy to discuss your project at any time.

I'm flexible and reliable, and I'm used to working to your budgets and deadlines. If you've special requirements for a particular job, I can almost certainly accommodate them.

The bottom line

I'll be able to give you a quote of how much the work will cost, based on how long I anticipate it will take me. My quotes are priced fairly and honestly, and there are no hidden extras. As a self-employed freelancer, there's no extra VAT on my bill. And because I work from home, my lower operating costs mean better value for you. Your money isn't being put towards heating office blocks!

Call me, email me, skype me, tweet me...

Any way you do it, I'm waiting to hear from you.
Get in touch and let’s talk about helping you put your message across.

Dan Whittle

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